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Platelet Defects

According to one report, platelet counts on capillary (fingerstick) blood average ±3% lower than on venous blood samples and about 25% of the capillary samples were 25% or more below venous results. Platelet-associated abnormality is most commonly produced by decreased number (thrombocytopenia) or defective function (thrombocytopathia). A bleeding tendency may also appear with a greatly […]

Hemolytic Anemias Due to Extracorpuscular Agents

Anemias due to isoagglutinins (isoantibodies) These anemias are hemolytic reactions caused by antibodies within the various blood group systems. The classification, symptomatology, and diagnostic procedures necessary for detection of such reactions and identification of the etiology are discussed in Chapter 9 and Chapter 11. Anemias due to autoagglutinins (autoantibodies) Autoagglutinins are antibodies produced by an […]

Depletion Anemia

Two types of depletion anemia are possible: (1) abnormal loss of red blood cells (RBCs) from the circulation and (2) abnormal destruction of RBCs within the circulation. RBC loss due to hemorrhage has been covered elsewhere (blood volume, Chapter 10; iron deficiency anemia, Chapter 4). Intravascular or intrasplenic RBC destruction is called hemolytic anemia. There […]