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Research: Finding out more

There is a variety of sources about new research on MS. Which you use depends on your own inclinations, and indeed your own resources! The most important source of reliable and accurate scientific research on MS is that contained in the peer-reviewed scientific, and especially neurological, journals. Usually these are not obtainable directly except in […]

Research: New lines of research

Genetic research Chapter 1 discusses the possible causal relationship between MS, genetics and the environment. The most striking thing now is the speed at which research on possible underlying genetic factors is being undertaken. Of course, this research is part of the massive international research effort which has now ‘mapped’ human genetic makeup – in […]

Research: Types of research

People sometimes use the term ‘research’ in a very loose way for almost any kind of information-gathering about a topic of interest – finding out information about your Multiple Sclerosis, by reading this book for example. However, ‘scientific research’ involves a very particular way of acquiring information, where a specific question – called a hypothesis […]


Research on the causes, possible cures and ways of managing Multiple Sclerosis has increased dramatically in recent years. Much of the information that has advanced our understanding of Multiple Sclerosis  has come from what is called basic research – general knowledge of how the brain and central nervous system work and, more recently, how susceptibility to […]

Other women’s issues and the menopause

Urinary symptoms One of the problems that women with MS face is that they might put almost any symptom they have down to the MS, and concern themselves less about other possibilities. As a general rule, it is important to have any significant symptom you have medically examined. Of particular importance to women is that […]


Miscarriage and relapse Women with Multiple Sclerosis run an increased risk of a relapse after a miscarriage as well as after delivery of a baby at the expected time. Miscarriage occurs quite commonly (about a third of all pregnancies miscarry), although many of these miscarriages occur so early in pregnancy that you may not realize […]


Do discuss both your plans and any worries that you have with doctors, and other professional staff looking after you. Pregnancy and childbirth is a time for continuing support. You can receive good advice, and possibly information about sympathetic obstetricians, from the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society or other MS support groups. In the […]

Pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause

Issues concerning pregnancy and childbirth often worry people with MS and their partners, as many will have recently embarked on relationships in which they will be considering the possibility of having children. Bringing up children is also another area that concerns both people with Multiple Sclerosis and those close to them. We also discuss problems […]


If you plan your holiday carefully, you should have no major problems with travelling. Try and stick to a schedule that is not too demanding and, perhaps just as important, allow yourself time to rest at the other end. You might also consult your doctor when you are planning your journey to see if he […]

Day trips out

Managers of theatres, cinemas or concert halls have generally been slow to understand and provide for the needs of people with disabilities. However, the situation is changing rapidly and people are more aware of the importance of disabled customers; negative publicity about access and other problems has helped push this along. Whilst many venues are […]