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Pregnancy Tests

Most pregnancy tests are based on the fact that the placenta secretes human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that has a luteinizing action on ovarian follicles and probably has other functions that are not completely known. Serum hCG levels of about 25 milli-international units (mIU)/ ml (IU/L) are reached about 8-10 days after conception. The […]

Viral Diseases

Viral upper respiratory tract diseases Respiratory disease may take several forms, and the predominant etiologies are different in different age groups. Incidence statistics also vary depending on the geographic area and the population selected. Of the known viruses, rhinoviruses are predominantly associated with acute upper respiratory tract disease (including the common cold) in adults, whereas […]

The Kidney in Disease

Primary glomerular renal disease for a long time was subdivided into glomerulonephritis (acute, subacute, chronic) and the nephrotic syndrome, based on clinical and light microscopic findings. With the advent of renal biopsy, electron microscopy, and immunoglobulin fluorescent staining of tissue sections, the clinical categories are being reclassified on the basis of ultrastructure and immunologic characteristics […]


Do discuss both your plans and any worries that you have with doctors, and other professional staff looking after you. Pregnancy and childbirth is a time for continuing support. You can receive good advice, and possibly information about sympathetic obstetricians, from the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society or other MS support groups. In the […]

Pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause

Issues concerning pregnancy and childbirth often worry people with MS and their partners, as many will have recently embarked on relationships in which they will be considering the possibility of having children. Bringing up children is also another area that concerns both people with Multiple Sclerosis and those close to them. We also discuss problems […]