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Autoantibodies present an interesting problem, both in their clinical manifestations and in the difficulty of laboratory detection and identification. They may be either the warm or cold type and may be complete or incomplete. Warm autoantibodies react at body temperature and are most often of the incomplete type. They comprise about 70% of autoantibodies. They […]

Hemolytic Anemias Due to Extracorpuscular Agents

Anemias due to isoagglutinins (isoantibodies) These anemias are hemolytic reactions caused by antibodies within the various blood group systems. The classification, symptomatology, and diagnostic procedures necessary for detection of such reactions and identification of the etiology are discussed in Chapter 9 and Chapter 11. Anemias due to autoagglutinins (autoantibodies) Autoagglutinins are antibodies produced by an […]