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Platelet Defects

According to one report, platelet counts on capillary (fingerstick) blood average ±3% lower than on venous blood samples and about 25% of the capillary samples were 25% or more below venous results. Platelet-associated abnormality is most commonly produced by decreased number (thrombocytopenia) or defective function (thrombocytopathia). A bleeding tendency may also appear with a greatly […]

Hypoplastic Marrow

Anemia due to inadequate erythropoiesis without factor deficiency may be classified in several ways. One system is based on the mechanism involved, including (1) marrow failure to incorporate adequate supplies of hematopoietic raw materials (e.g., iron) into red blood cell (RBC) precursors, (2) failure to release mature RBCs from the marrow, or (3) destruction of […]