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Deceptive (Misleading) Test Patterns of Laboratory Hyperthyroidism

Each of the three categories of true laboratory thyrotoxicosis has a counterpart in which the apparent pattern does not reflect true thyroid hormone status. I would like to call the resulting test patterns “deceptive laboratory hyperthyroidism.” These patterns are misleading because of non thyroidal alteration of one or both thyroid hormone levels. Deceptive laboratory hyperthyroidism […]

Thyroid Function Tests: Total serum triiodothyronine (T3-RIA)

Serum T3 may be assayed by the same technique as T4-RIA. Total serum T3 (T3-RIA) is a specific, direct measurement of T3 using anti-T3antibody and should not be confused with the test formerly called the T3U. As previously mentioned, the T3U (THBR) is primarily an estimate of serum protein unsaturated binding sites, which secondarily provides […]