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Deceptive (Misleading) Test Patterns of Laboratory Hyperthyroidism

Each of the three categories of true laboratory thyrotoxicosis has a counterpart in which the apparent pattern does not reflect true thyroid hormone status. I would like to call the resulting test patterns “deceptive laboratory hyperthyroidism.” These patterns are misleading because of non thyroidal alteration of one or both thyroid hormone levels. Deceptive laboratory hyperthyroidism […]

Thyroid Function Tests: Radioactive iodine uptake

Radioactive iodine uptake is an indirect estimate of thyroid hormone production based on the need of the thyroid for iodine to make thyroid hormone, which, in turn, depends on the rate of thyroid hormone synthesis. A small dose of radioactive iodine is given, and a radiation detector measures the amount present in the gland at […]