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Thyroid Function Tests: Total serum thyroxine

T4 can be measured directly by radioassay (or, more recently, by enzyme-linked assay). Radioassay involves competition of patient hormone and radioactive hormone for a hormone binder. In T4by radioimmunoassay (T4-RIA) the binder is anti-T4antibody; in T4 competitive binding (T4-CPB) or T4 displacement methods (T4-D) the binder is T4-binding serum protein. After patient T4 and radioactive […]

Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

Many persons have at least one sign or symptom that could suggest thyroid disease. Unfortunately, most of these signs and symptoms are not specific for thyroid dysfunction. Enumeration of the classic signs and symptoms of thyroid disease is the best way to emphasize these facts. Hyperthyroidism Thyrotoxicosis from excess secretion of thyroid hormone is usually […]