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Sexual relationships: Problems during intercourse

Incontinence If you haven’t had one already, visit your doctor for an assessment of the problems you have with incontinence. Try and ensure that you have no urinary infections, which can make your bladder problems worse if left untreated. The following advice can help reduce the risk of ‘accidents’ during intercourse: • Reduce your intake […]

Sexual relationships: Psychological problems and ‘libido’

Depression or fatigue, which are indirect (or secondary) symptoms of MS, may play as large a part in the way that you feel sexually as does primary neurological damage. If such symptoms are treated successfully, then your sexual drive (often called your libido) may increase. If the primary cause of your decreasing sexual drive lies […]

Sexual relationships: Difficulties with erections

First, it may be helpful just to explain a little of the ‘mechanics’ of an erection. The penis is made up of the ‘urethra’, which runs through it and carries both urine from the bladder and semen from the testes, and which is surrounded by the ‘prostate gland’. On the underside of the penis, and […]

Sexual relationships: Problems for women

In general women’s sexual problems are cantered on a lack of desire, arousal and orgasm. Lack of desire is the chief complaint among women. A woman’s lack of sexual interest is often tied to her relationship with her partner. It can also be triggered by family concerns, illness or death, financial or job worries, childcare […]

Sexual relationships

Many people are diagnosed with MS at a time when they are, or may be about to become, sexually active in their relationships. The issues associated with how best to manage sexual activity and MS have in the past often proved difficult to discuss with others. However, increasingly, both doctors and other health professionals concerned […]