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Sensations and pain: Pain

For many years Multiple Sclerosis was considered, medically, to be a painless disease, probably because the process of demyelination was thought in itself not to be painful. However, people with MS themselves have known for many years that specific symptoms could cause considerable pain, and this is now being recognized. Chronic pain is experienced by […]

Sensations and pain: Balance

Socially and physically loss of balance is a difficult issue to manage. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution, as the loss of balance is basically a problem caused by damage to part of the brain – the ‘cerebellum’ (or its pathways in the brain stem). Other factors can compound the problem, such as spasticity or […]

Sensations and pain: Sensations

Initially strange and sometimes uncomfortable sensations of many kinds are typical effects of Multiple Sclerosis. A person can feel these symptoms but the doctor may to be able to find clear physical evidence of why particular symptoms are caused. They are related to damage to the nervous system. They may take various forms, and are […]

Sensations and pain

Of course, not every twinge, or pain, results from the Multiple Sclerosis. When you visit your doctor, particularly your GP, you may find that he or she puts virtually all your symptoms down to MS itself. Whilst statistically it is probably correct that most of your symptoms will be related to the Multiple Sclerosis, many […]

Sexual relationships: Problems during intercourse

Incontinence If you haven’t had one already, visit your doctor for an assessment of the problems you have with incontinence. Try and ensure that you have no urinary infections, which can make your bladder problems worse if left untreated. The following advice can help reduce the risk of ‘accidents’ during intercourse: • Reduce your intake […]