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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic demyelinating disease that has a reputation for recurrent illness of unpredictable length and severity. A multifocal demyelinating process in cerebral hemisphere white matter results in various combinations of weakness, ataxia, vision difficulties, and parasthesias, frequently ending in paralysis. Thus, the clinical symptoms, especially early in the disease, can be mimicked […]

Safety of complementary therapies

Few complementary therapies have been fully scientifically evaluated, especially in relation to MS. Almost any therapy, scientifically evaluated or not, that has the power to produce very good and positive results, has the potential to do harm. Although complementary therapies are considered as ‘natural’ and, almost by association, to be intrinsically safe, this is not […]

The future of DMTs (disease-modifying therapies) in MS

It is undoubtedly true that we are in a very exciting phase of development of DMTs. Although we cannot yet talk about a cure, we can now consider seriously the possibility of slowing down the course of the disease and not just ameliorating the symptoms of relapses. However, the results of research so far seem […]

Approaches to treatment

There are now two basic approaches to treating MS medically. First there are drugs that aim to suppress, minimize or halt the destructive immune response, that is the inflammation and the accompanying symptoms that occur when MS is in an active phase. In this context the overall aim is to move from controlling one or […]