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Laboratory Tests in Psychiatry

Until recently, the laboratory had relatively little to offer in psychiatry. Laboratory tests were used mainly to diagnose or exclude organic illness. For example, in one study about 5% of patients with dementia had organic diseases such as hyponatremia, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, and hypercalcemia; about 4% were caused by alcohol; and about 10% were due to […]

Prolactin Secretion Abnormalities

Prolactin is another peptide pituitary hormone. It stimulates lactation (galactorrhea) in females, but its function in males is less certain. The major regulatory mechanism for prolactin secretion is an inhibitory effect exerted by the hypothalamus, with one known pathway being under control of dopamine. There is also a hypothalamic stimulating effect, although a specific prolactin-stimulating […]

Thyroid Function Tests: Thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) test

Synthetic TRH (Thypinone) is now available. Intravenous bolus administration of TRH normally results in a marked rise in serum TSH levels by 30 minutes after the dose. Serum prolactin levels also increase. There is some disagreement as to how much TRH to administer, with doses reported in the literature ranging from 100-500 µg. Early studies […]