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Leptospirosis is caused by several species of Leptospira organisms found most often in rats but sometimes present in some farm animals and in some cats and dogs (presumably from rat-transmitted infection). Transmission is most often through accidental contact with water contaminated by infected rat urine. Those most at risk are sewer workers and slaughterhouse employees, […]

Urinalysis in Miscellaneous Diseases

Fever. Fever is the most common cause of proteinuria (up to 75% of febrile patients). If severe, it may be associated with an increase in hyaline casts (etiology unknown, possibly dehydration). Cystitis-urethritis. Cystitis and urethritis are lower urinary tract infections, often hard to differentiate from renal infection. Clumping of WBCs is suggestive of pyelonephritis but […]