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Thyroid carcinoma seems to have generated a considerable number of misconceptions. About 20% of these tumors are “pure” papillary, about 10% pure follicular, about 50% mixed papillary and follicular, and about 5% (range, 2%–10%) are called medullary. However, the pure papillary carcinoma usually has a few follicular elements if enough histologic sections are made, and […]


The usual classification of thyroiditis includes acute thyroiditis, subacute thyroiditis, chronic thyroiditis, and Riedel’s struma. Acute thyroiditis is generally defined as acute bacterial infection of the thyroid. Signs, symptoms, and laboratory data are those of acute localized infection. Riedel’s struma consists of thyroid parenchymal replacement by dense connective tissue. In some cases at least this […]

Monitoring of Replacement Therapy

Desiccated thyroid and presumably other T4 and T3 combinations result in T3-RIA values that may become elevated for several hours after administration and then decrease into the reference range. T4 values remain within the reference range if replacement is adequate. In the few instances when clinical evidence and T4 results disagree, TSH assay is helpful. […]