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Tests Useful in Differential Diagnosis of Hypercalcemia

Serum calcium. Routine serum calcium assay measures the total serum calcium value. Total serum calcium contains about 50% bound calcium (literature range, 35%-55%) and about 50% nonbound calcium (literature range, 35%-65%). (Traditionally, nonbound calcium was called “ionized” calcium and is also known as “free” or “dialyzable” calcium.) Bound calcium is subdivided into calcium bound to […]

Serum Electrolyte Panels

Many physicians order serum “electrolyte panels” or “profiles” that include sodium potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate (“CO2”; when “CO2” is included in a multitest electrolyte panel using serum, bicarbonate comprises most of what is being measured). In my experience, chloride and “CO2” are not cost effective as routine assays on electrolyte panels. If there is some […]