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Hemolytic Reactions

The presence of unexpected alloantibodies (antibodies against red cell antigens) in patient serum found in pretransfusion screening of recipients is 0.7%-1.6%. This averages 9% (range, 6%-36%) in multitransfused patients. Infants less than 4 months old usually do not form alloantibodies against transfused red cell antigens that they lack. After that, age per se does not […]

Laboratory Tests in Hemolytic Anemias

Certain laboratory tests are extremely helpful in suggesting or demonstrating the presence of hemolytic anemia. Which tests give abnormal results, and to what degree, depends on the severity of the hemolytic process and possibly on its duration. Reticulocyte count. Reticulocyte counts are nearly always elevated in moderate or severe active hemolytic anemia, with the degree […]