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Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)

PTH is secreted in a discontinuous (pulsatile) fashion. There is a diurnal variation, with highest values at 2 A.M. (midnight to 4 A.M.) and lowest at noon (10 A.M. -2 P.M.. The parathyroids synthesize intact PTH, consisting of 84 amino acids in a single chain. Metabolic breakdown of intact PTH occurs both inside and outside […]

Serum Chloride

Chloride is the most abundant extracellular anion. In general, chloride is affected by the same conditions that affect sodium (the most abundant extracellular cation) and in roughly the same degree. Thus, in the great majority of cases, serum chloride values change in the same direction as serum sodium values (except in a few conditions such […]