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Laboratory Tests in Hemolytic Anemias

Certain laboratory tests are extremely helpful in suggesting or demonstrating the presence of hemolytic anemia. Which tests give abnormal results, and to what degree, depends on the severity of the hemolytic process and possibly on its duration. Reticulocyte count. Reticulocyte counts are nearly always elevated in moderate or severe active hemolytic anemia, with the degree […]

Reticulocyte Count

Reticulocytes occupy an intermediate position between nucleated RBCs in the bone marrow and mature (nonnucleated, fully hemoglobinated) RBCs. After the normoblast (metarubricyte) nucleus is extruded from the cell, some cytoplasmic microsomes and ribosomes remain for 1-2 days that are not ordinarily visible on peripheral blood smears using Wright’s or Giemsa stain but that can be […]