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Neonatal and Childhood Hypoglycemia

Neonatal and childhood hypoglycemia will be considered together, although some are of the fasting type and some are postprandial. Idiopathic hypoglycemia of infancy. It has been reported that as many as 10% of all neonates have at least one low blood glucose value. Neonatal reference values are lower than the adult reference range, and there […]

Postprandial Hypoglycemia

Some of the most common etiologies of postprandial hypoglycemia (which is also known as “reactive hypoglycemia”) include the following eiologies Alimentary. Postprandial Hypoglycemia of gastrointestinal tract origin (sometimes called the “dumping syndrome”) most often occurs after gastric surgery and results from unusually swift or complete gastric emptying of ingested carbohydrate into the duodenum, resulting in […]

Fasting Hypoglycemia

Of the two clinical categories, fasting hypoglycemia is by far the more straightforward. The two chief mechanisms are insulin excess (either absolute or relative) and effects of carbohydrate deprivation. Conditions acting through these mechanisms are the following: 1. The most well-known etiology of insulin excess is the beta-cell insulin-producing pancreatic islet cell tumor (insulinoma). About […]


Hypoglycemia is a topic that has generated a great deal of confusion. Although the word means “low blood glucose,” the diagnosis of hypoglycemia is controversial, because it is sometimes defined strictly on the basis of an arbitrary blood glucose level (chemical hypoglycemia), sometimes in terms of symptoms (clinical hypoglycemia), and sometimes as a combination of […]