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Controlling High Cholesterol

Many people with diabetes have trouble keeping their levels of blood lipids (fats in the blood) at healthy levels. If you have diabetes, have a blood lipid pro?le (cholesterol check; see page 25) done at least once a year, more often if your doctor recommends it. People with diabetes are more likely than the average […]

Reading Nutrition Labels

Food labels tell you a great deal about the contents of foods, and they are a big help in making reasonable choices to limit the fat, sodium, and cholesterol in the foods you eat. Both the ingredients list and the nutri- tion facts panel are useful. By law, the ingredients list is in descending order […]

Testing Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol does not cause any symptoms, so people can have excessively high levels without knowing it. High blood cholesterol (de?ned as a level of 240 mg/dL or higher) is among the most impor- tant risk factors for developing heart disease. In countries such as Japan, which until recently had cholesterol levels averaging only 150 […]