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Finances: Managing finances

Power of Attorney You may, at some point, feel the need for someone to take over your financial arrangements. If so, you will almost certainly need good legal advice, perhaps at first from Citizens Advice if you have not already got a good solicitor. Because this situations tends to happen when you get older, and […]

Finances: Healthcare finance

Prescriptions Unfortunately you are not entitled to free prescriptions just because you have Multiple Sclerosis – it is not yet included as one of the relatively few diseases or conditions for which free prescriptions are available. However, prescriptions are free if you are aged under 16 or in full-time education and aged under 19; if […]

Finances: Insurance

Telling your insurance company In the case of health insurance, life assurance or endowment policies associated with a mortgage, you must tell the company that you have MS. Such information may also be required for car insurance purposes in order to ensure that any future claim you make will not be denied, on the grounds […]

Finances: Benefits

Sources of help The most obvious written source is the Disability Rights Handbook. This is updated every April and published by the Disability Alliance (see Appendix 2). This guide is very readable but, unless you are familiar with interpreting legislation, you should still seek advice from other sources. • The Benefits Agency handles social security […]


This chapter deals with some very complicated issues. This is not only because people’s own circumstances are all different, but because the rules and regulations governing eligibility to benefits, pensions and so on are themselves complex and can change frequently. It is very important that, in addition to taking note of the points we make […]