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Tests for Allergy

The atopic diseases were originally defined as sensitization based on hereditary predisposition (thus differentiating affected persons from nonaffected persons exposed to the same commonly found antigens) and characterized by immediate urticarial skin reaction to offending antigen and by the Prausnitz-Kьstner reaction. Prausnitz and Kьstner demonstrated in 1921 that serum from a sensitized person, when injected […]


Parasites. Eosinophilia is most often associated with roundworms and infestation by various flukes. In the United States, roundworms predominate, such as Ascaris, Strongyloides, and Trichinella (Trichina). The condition known as visceral larva migrans, caused by the nematode Toxocara canis (common in dogs) is sometimes seen in humans. In Trichinella infection an almost diagnostic triad is […]