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Autoantibodies Associated with Diabetes

About 60%-90% of type I (insulin-dependent) diabetics have antibody against islet cell cytoplasmic glycoprotein (“islet cell autoantibody”) at the time of diagnosis, and many of those initially without this antibody develop it later. This antibody disappears within 2 years after appearance in 85%-90% of type I diabetics. It has also been reported in about 20% […]


Besides secreting exocrine digestive enzymes into the duodenum, the pancreas has endocrine functions centered in the islands of Langerhans. These structures are found primarily in the tail and body of the pancreas, the hormones involved are glucagon and insulin, and secretion is directly into the bloodstream. Diabetes mellitus results from abnormality in the production or […]

The Kidney in Disease

Primary glomerular renal disease for a long time was subdivided into glomerulonephritis (acute, subacute, chronic) and the nephrotic syndrome, based on clinical and light microscopic findings. With the advent of renal biopsy, electron microscopy, and immunoglobulin fluorescent staining of tissue sections, the clinical categories are being reclassified on the basis of ultrastructure and immunologic characteristics […]

Controlling Diabetes

For a variety of reasons, diabetes is increasing in the American pop- ulation at an alarming rate, even among younger people. Most authorities place most of the blame on the increase in overweight and obesity, along with a sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes is a serious disease in which the body does not produce or properly use […]