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Central Nervous System Infection by Other Fungi

Candida is said to be the most common fungal infection of the CNS. About one half of the patients with Candida CNS infection have a lymphocytic pleocytosis and about one half show a predominance of neutrophilis. Some reports have indicated a surprisingly high rate of CNS involvement in the systemic mycoses (blastomycosis, 3%-10%; histoplasmosis, up […]

Opportunistic Fungi

Other fungi may, under certain circumstances, produce visceral or systemic infection. The most common of these conditions are candidiasis, aspergillosis, and mucormycosis. Persons predisposed to infection include aged persons, cachectic or debilitated patients, persons with diseases such as AIDS or leukemia that affect the body’s immunologic mechanisms, and, most commonly, persons under treatment with certain […]

The causes of Multiple Sclerosis

The cause or causes of Multiple Sclerosis are still unknown. Although there are significant geographical variations in the distribution of people with MS throughout the world, a great deal of research has failed to uncover any tangible evidence that there are specific avoidable risk factors associated with the onset of the disease. Genetic versus environmental causes […]