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Surgical Treatments for Arrhythmias

In  addition  to  drugs  and  nonsurgical  procedures,  several types  of surgery can restore  your heart’s rhythm.  Implantation of a pacemaker can treat bradycardia (slow heartbeat);  an internal  cardioverter- de?brillator can correct more serious arrhythmias; or a procedure called maze surgery can be performed  on some people with atrial ?brillation. Pacemakers A pacemaker  is a battery-powered […]

Diagnosing Arrhythmias

Once your doctor diagnoses an arrhythmia through your symptoms or an examination, he or she will need to determine where it originates and whether it requires treatment; that is, whether it is causing symptoms or putting  you at risk for more serious problems in the future. The electrocardiogram  is a very important tool that  your […]


Every second or so, an electrical impulse originating in the right atrium of your heart travels through the heart and triggers a single heartbeat, or contraction of the heart. A group of specialized cells in the muscle tissue, called the sinoatrial (SA) node, initiates the signal, acting as your heart’s natural pacemaker. The impulse travels […]