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Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

HBV was originally called “serum hepatitis,” or “long-incubation hepatitis,” and has an incubation period of 60-90 days (range, 29-180 days). HBV is found in blood and body secretions. Infection was originally thought to be limited to parenteral inoculation (blood transfusion or injection with a contaminated needle). Although this is still the major source of infection, […]

Immunohematology: Antibody Detection, Blood Group Antigens, and Pretransfusion Tests

Before this subject is discussed, it is useful to give some definitions: Antigen: Any substance that causes formation of antibodies to it. The most common antigens are protein, but certain carbohydrate polysaccharides may act in a similar manner. Lipid may be combined with either. Each antigen has a certain chemical configuration that gives it antibody-provoking […]