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ABO Blood Group System

The ABO blood group system is a classic example of agglutinogens and their corresponding isoantibodies. There are three of these antigens—A, B, and O—whose genes are placed in one locus on each of two paired chromosomes. These genes are alleles, meaning that they are interchangeable at their chromosome location. Therefore, each of the paired chromosomes […]

Immunohematology: Antibody Detection, Blood Group Antigens, and Pretransfusion Tests

Before this subject is discussed, it is useful to give some definitions: Antigen: Any substance that causes formation of antibodies to it. The most common antigens are protein, but certain carbohydrate polysaccharides may act in a similar manner. Lipid may be combined with either. Each antigen has a certain chemical configuration that gives it antibody-provoking […]