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Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1)

The HIVs are retroviruses; their genetic information (genome) is composed of RNA rather than the usual DNA. To reproduce, the virus uses an enzyme known as reverse transcriptase to produce a DNA copy of its genetic RNA and incorporates this material into the host cell genetic material. Some of the copied viral genome also exists […]

Diagnosis of Viral Diseases

Culture. Until the 1980s, except in a relatively few cases the only available laboratory methods were culture and serologic tests for antibodies. There have been significant advances in culture techniques in the past few years, but most virus culture still is difficult and expensive. Culture is performed using living cell preparations or in living tissues. […]

Antibody Detection Methods

There are two methods of detecting and characterizing antibodies: (1) the direct Coombs’ test and (2) a group of procedures that try to determine if an antibody is present, and if present, attempt to identify the antibody by showing what the antibody will do in various controlled conditions. Direct Coombs’ test To prepare reagents for […]