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Hemolytic Reactions

The presence of unexpected alloantibodies (antibodies against red cell antigens) in patient serum found in pretransfusion screening of recipients is 0.7%-1.6%. This averages 9% (range, 6%-36%) in multitransfused patients. Infants less than 4 months old usually do not form alloantibodies against transfused red cell antigens that they lack. After that, age per se does not […]

ABO Blood Group System

The ABO blood group system is a classic example of agglutinogens and their corresponding isoantibodies. There are three of these antigens—A, B, and O—whose genes are placed in one locus on each of two paired chromosomes. These genes are alleles, meaning that they are interchangeable at their chromosome location. Therefore, each of the paired chromosomes […]